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Getting to Know Our Optician: Bobby Singleton

Robert Singleton headshot 20151) How did you become interested in eyewear and what kind of training, if any, did you have?
I started in the eyewear industry when I first got out of highschool. I took a position as an Optometric Technician with my father's optometry practice that summer. Over the years, I gained training and tutelage from my father, an Optometric Physician, and best practice and patient care from several leading opticians in the area I grew up in.
2) What brought you to the Atlanta/Buckhead area and to FECCATL in particular?
I first came to Atlanta seeking to be a part of a large marketing firm as a graphic designer, and did so for a short while. I discovered in that time that I carried more passion for the eyecare industry that I realized. It brought me back to wanting to work with a practice. After having the chance to meet Dr. Locke and experience what her office is doing for patients, I knew I could embrace the practice and it's mission.
3) What are some of your favorite boutique eye wear brands and why?  
I really enjoy boutique frame lines like Zac Posen and Original Penguin. They are brands that offer a great balance in the overall appearance and weight of the frame. They both pay great detail to the use of color, shape, and size within relation to the wearer.
4) What eyewear is popular now?
Currently, eyewear has brought back the desire from classic shape plastic frames. If you were to compare them to their predecessors of 30 odd years ago, you would see that the shape, size, and thickness of the frames have become more refined and balanced. Emphasis of brand label has been greatly reduced with a focus on a cleaner, chicer look. Attention to the marbleization and interaction of colors making up a plastic frame have also taken precedence over flare and exaggerative carvings on the frames.
5) What interests or excites you the most in the field of eye wear?   
The thing that excites me most with the field of eyewear is the interaction with patients. Being able to help guide them in the choice of a frame and make an educated decision in the lens they will look through brings me much joy when working.
6) What trends do you see developing over the next several years in the eyewear field, and how do you stay ahead of them?
I do plan to see metal frames make a comeback over the years. It will take a newer approach from what it has been. The frames will take on a look similar to the appearance of the face of a plastic frame, but it will combine with that style the benefits of a lightweight and clean metal look.
7) Many people think they are restricted to one particular shape of eyewear, is this true?
There are factors that play a role in choosing a frame for each person. Some of it is based off of the face shape of a wearer. I have found more recently, though, that perception can play a bigger role. If the frame fits the idea of what is current in social behavior and fits the attitude of the wearer, then it can be worn.