Concussions often affect many parts of the body and disrupt normal function on a number of levels. Although many bodily systems are disrupted as a result of a concussion, the system that tends to be affected most, and often shows the most readily detectable signs of concussion, is the visual system.

Those who have suffered a concussion as a result of a sports injury or car accident, as well as from other sources, often report an inability to bring their vision properly into focus, losing their place while reading, eye pain, headaches and dizziness, among other symptoms. All of these ties back to the way the brain and eyes function together to produce proper vision, or more accurately, how they fail to do so as a result of brain injury.

Functional Eye Exam for Symptoms of Brain Trauma

Our eye doctors and the team at Family Eye Care Center of Atlanta know the dangers of concussions and the inconvenience of the associated symptoms. This is why we routinely employ a medically proven test – the King Devick in her Functional Vision Exams for athletes and children. It will allow our eye doctors to recognize more readily the signs of brain trauma should they occur in football and other contact sports. Any patient may request this test as an addition to their annual comprehensive exam, as it is important to have a baseline established.

Our eye doctors also understand that, when it comes to brain injuries, time and accuracy are extremely important to prevent further damage that may result from a missed concussion. This is why we employ a comprehensive and medically proven test called the King-Devick test to recognize more readily the signs of brain trauma that often occur in football and other contact sports.

A Simple Vision Test Helps Our Eye Doctor To Detect Concussion

In the case of sports injury, the King-Devick test is simple to administer and easy to interpret. An injured athlete must read single digit numbers displayed on cards or on an iPad. In cases of suspected head trauma, the athlete is given the test and if the time needed to complete the test is any longer than the athlete’s baseline test time, obtained by our vision therapy doctor in our office, the athlete is removed from play until our eye doctors give the go-ahead that they may rejoin their sport.

Don’t forget, to Protect Your Eyes From Cell Phones And Computers.

With comprehensive testing to help detect concussions and excellent quality care for vision issues related to concussions after the injury is detected, your eyes and your brain are in good hands with Family Eye Care Center of Atlanta.