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Summer Eye Exams for Kids in Atlanta

Atlanta eye exams for kids every summerWhy is August a great time for an eye exam for kids?

When you're getting your child ready to go back to school, you want them to have the best chance at succeeding academically. Good eyesight is so important to learning, and it includes much more than just the vision screening test done by the school nurse. So book a routine eye exam every summer before school starts.

At a comprehensive pediatric eye exam, your child's optometrist will test for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. She will ask for a history, and screen for other potential problems like lazy eye and convergence insufficiency, which can make learning in school a major challenge.

Our Optometrists are the top pediatric optometrists in Atlanta, GA, specializes in “treating children, athletes, and special needs patients to ensure their vision does not negatively impact their lifestyle and learning.” Her approach is kid-friendly and her love of children shines through with each eye exam.

Most of the time, routine eye exams for kids are just reassuring to the parents that everything is okay. However, if it turns out that an eye condition is detected, our clinic provides treatment right here in Buckhead, GA. Many eye conditions that impact learning can be addressed with vision therapy. Dr. Locke is a trained vision therapist, so you don't have to bring your child elsewhere for treatment.

Of course, if your child needs corrective lenses our Atlanta, GA optical carries a wide selection of eyewear styles especially for kids.

To book an eye exam for children, use our online appointment scheduler, or call Family Eye Care Center of Atlanta.