Educational Videos

Educational Videos

Educational Videos

Educational Videos

Convergence Insufficiency
What happens when your eyes don't work as a team?

What makes Family Eye Care Center of Atlanta the leading eye care practice in the Atlanta area?

Myopia Control
Can you slow your child's prescription from changing every year? What is myopia or nearsightedness?

Vision & Learning
How does your vision impact how you learn? Can vision be the cause of learning difficulty?

Why Do Kids Need...
At what age should I bring my kids for an eye exam?

Your Glasses Matter
Why is buying glasses online different than getting fit for glasses in person?

What is lazy eye? Can it be fixed?

Sports Vision
Do athletes need better vision skills than non athletes?

What is Lazy Eye/Crossed Eye/Wall Eye? Why do eyes drift apart? Can it be fixed?

What is vision therapy? Who can it help?

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