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Should I Buy Glasses Online?

Online shopping can be great. Everything from books to shoes can be ordered and delivered straight to your door, often at warehouse prices. But there are still some things that are better in person, and glasses should be on that list. Here’s why...

Eyeglasses correct your vision optimally when your eyes are looking straight through the exact center of the lenses. If your glasses don’t sit properly on your eyes, visual distortions are often subtle. That means, when your glasses show up, you won’t even be able to tell that they are not an exact fit, but you can end up with eyestrain and headaches.

Whether you order glasses online or buy eyeglasses at an optical they will ask you for PD. PD is the distance between your eyes, or your pupillary distance, to be exact. Opticians use a pupillometer to take this measurement, and glasses are created accordingly. There is an accepted level of tolerance within 1 mm. This is not a measurement you can guess or figure out on your own, despite what some websites claim. Even if you have your PD measurement on your prescription from your optometrist – which you should – online optical are notoriously sloppy about it. A recent study found that about 1/3 of all glasses ordered online did not fall within the accepted tolerance. What a headache!

Glasses have to line up vertically too. Some online glasses stores let you specify the focal height, but most websites choose a random number. At our optical in Atlanta, we get it right. We use professional technology to measure your eyes accurately and customize your glasses to correct your vision optimally. Then, when you try them on, we make any necessary adjustments, so you know they will sit just right.

Frame and lens material quality is a whole other discussion. When you come to Family Eye Care Center of Atlanta, ask the optician for more information. We are open 5 days a week, and 2 Saturdays a month. Stop in and browse any time.