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Daily Disposable Contact lenses

Family Eye Care of Atlanta now carries a wide selection of daily disposable contact lenses. Contact our eye doctor to find the best fit for your eyes.


ONEDay HomepagenewBiotrue 1 Day  

A daily disposable contact lens designed to match the natural level of moisture of your eyes, assuring comfortable vision all day long. 

Acuvue TruEye  

This innovative contact lens is made with a super-breathable silicone hydrogel material combined with HYDRACLEAR® 1 Technology for healthy looking eyes and extra comfort.

boxshot 1day moist newAcuvue 1 Day Moist

Exceptionally comfortable contact lenses with the exclusive LACREON® Technology, which locks in moisture.
These contact lens may provide improved comfort for people suffering from mild discomfort or itching associated with allergies while wearing contacts.

2 Clear 1 Day   

Try 2 Clear 1 Day for a comfortable wearing experience: a thinner lens design reduces lid interaction.
Try 2 Clear 1 Day to optimize on-eye performance: the lens is centered in your eyes and its shape is retained.

Fresh Daily   

Made with biocompatible materials, the eyedia® fresh daily disposable lens provides unsurpassed, long-lasting comfort also for patients suffering from dry eyes and allergies. Its Aquagrip™ technology increases lens surface wetability and maintains consistent lens dimension which assures patients get all day the same crisp and clear vision.


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