Finding Glasses That Fit

Finding Glasses That Fit

Finding Glasses That Fit

Finding Glasses That Fit

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Choosing your glasses may feel like a daunting task. From the different colors and designs available, it may not be a simple task. When choosing glasses, your instincts, personal style, face size, and shape should be considered and guide you in selecting the best fit. It would help if you aimed for unique, comfy glasses that complement your facial features, personality, and a natural balance to your facial profile. At the Family Eye Care Center of Atlanta, we have broken down some essential factors to consider when choosing your perfect eyeglasses.

How Eyeglasses Should Fit Your Face

When Choosing Your Eyeglasses, They Should Sit in the Middle of the Face and Not Higher Than Your Eyebrows to Create a Sense of Visual Balance. The Width of Your Face at the Temples Should Match the Total Width of Your Frames. The Sides Should Be Roomy Without Leaving Marks or Digging. Eyeglasses That Fit Should Balance Out the Following:

The Nose: Your Frame’s Weight Should Balance Evenly Across Your Nose Bridge and Shouldn’t Dig Into Your Nose or Leave Marks. If That is the case, Take Your Glasses to Be Adjusted So That They Fit Better or Select Frames With a Wider Bridge Width That Fits Comfortably.

The Temples: the Arms of Your Frames Should Firmly and Comfortably Fit Without Any Movements Making Your Glasses Slide or Shift Out of Place.

The Eyes: the Measurement of the Eye Center is Used in Fitting the Correct Lens and Digital Lenses Allow for More Flexibility in Styling Your Glasses for the Best Fashion and Function

What to Consider When Choosing Glasses

Pick a Color

When Buying Glasses, It Would Be Best to Choose Those That Compliment Your Hair Color and Skin Tone. For a Warm Skin Tone, Choose Warm Colors Like Red, Pink, and Tan, While for a Calm Skin Tone, Go for Blue, Gray, and Black. Knowing the Colors That Suit Your Skin Helps You Find Your Ideal Frame.

Find Your Right Measurements.

To Determine Your Fit, You Should Get Your Glasses Measurements Right for Them to Fit Well and Make You Look Great. Most Frames Have Three Numbers Stamped on Them, Giving Bridge Width (Distance Between the Lenses), Lens Width (the Horizontal Lens Length), and Temple Length From the Hinge. If You Are Planning on Buying Your Glasses Online, Check the Measurements to Purchase Fitting Glasses to Avoid Headaches, Eye Strain, Nausea, and Dizziness.

Get Your Pupillary Distance Measured (Pd)

It is Essential to Have Your Pupillary Distance Measured. Pupillary Distance is the Distance Between the Center of Your Pupils, Measured in Millimeters.

Your Personality
Your Frames Perfectly Flaunt Your Personality and Style. There Are So Many Types of Structures in the Market With Different Shapes, Patterns, and Colors That It is Essential to Choose One That Feels Comfortable and Boosts Your Confidence. Additionally, Select a Frame That is Appropriate for Your Profession.

Lifestyle Considerations
Before Making the Big Decision on Choosing Your Frames, Consider Your Lifestyle Needs. Choosing Frames That Fit at the Bridge of Your Nose is Essential to Help Them Stay in Place. For Example, if You Work in a Labor-intensive Environment, You Need Durable Frames That Do Not Slip. Choose a Colorful Frame That Goes With Your Personality While You Relax at the Beach. If You Exercise Regularly, Choose Sturdy, Comfortable Frames. You Can Also Choose Stylish Frames Depending on the Nature of Your Job.

A Visit to Your Eye Doctor is the Best Way to Get the Best Fit, Accurate Lens and Frame Measurement, and Ensure Your Eyeglass Prescription is Up to Date.

At Family Eye Care Center of Atlanta, We Can Help You Choose the Perfect Fit for Your Eyeglasses That Will Leave You Feeling Confident and Stylish. Contact Us for More Information.

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