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News From Dr. Locke

News From Dr. Locke

News From Dr. Locke

Sports Vision & Dr. Locke

Jul 16, 2019

In a recent movie, The Pursuit of Greatness, Wayne Gretzky and Jerry Rice explained activities that are essentially vision training. They attributed some of their success to these mental skills and not purely their physical athleticism. Science supports that vision skills can be trained which is why I am contacting you. At Family Eye Care Center of Atlanta, we offer assessments and training using some of the best tools available to athletes. We are located in Atlanta for athletes that need Comprehensive Evaluations prior to Sports Assessments, however, are able to do Assessments remotely. Since vision plays a critical role in athletic performance, we train high-level skills in areas such as:

  1. Peripheral awareness

  2. Multiple object tracking

  3. Contrast sensitivity

  4. Visual acuity both stationary and dynamic

  5. Hand-eye coordination

  6. Depth perception

and many other areas both to optimize performance and protect the safety of athletes. Combined with our proven expertise in vision training for all special populations, we are prepared to help your athletes reach their highest level of performance. Additionally, if an athlete suffers a head injury, we have the tools to retrain the mind and vision connections back to normal. We offer both assessments and training remotely with Senaptec, In Office Training with Sanet Vision Integrator, and Strobe goggles for facility training. If you are not currently partnering with a Sports Vision Specialist, I would like to discuss the program with you further. Most if not all sports benefit from baseline assessments and supervised training. Sports Vision Assessments and Training Programs are tailored to the sport, position, and athlete. If you are interested in partnering with us to bring our Sports Vision Program to your teams please feel free to reply or contact me at 404-549-9999.

I am excited to help your athletes!


Dr. Takeia Locke

Family Eye Care Center of Atlanta
15 Habersham Rd. Suite 109
Atlanta, GA 30305


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