Baseball Vision Training in Buckhead, Georgia

The legendary Ted Williams is said to have had such an acute sense of sight, that he could pick out the individual stitches on the ball and count every one. There are many visual skills that can make the difference between a decent baseball player and a professional. At the Vision Therapy Center At Family Eye Care Center of Atlanta, we use advanced sports vision training to enhance and sharpen an athlete’s latent visual skills. This gives our patients a considerable edge over the competition.

Professional Baseball Performance Requires Better than 20/20 Visual Acuity

It’s been long understood that high-performance baseball is about more than batting averages and fielding. 20/20 visual acuity is great for driving over to the corner diner and ordering a meal. But playing baseball at the height of the game requires more than 20/20 vision. If you can’t see better than 20/15 odds are you won’t make it to a high level in baseball.

Over 70% of Major League Baseball players have better than 20/15 vision.

Beyond visual acuity, there are a lot of visual skills going on behind the scenes that are absolutely essential to playing competitive sports. When it comes to baseball, this includes

  • Peripheral vision

  • Reaction time

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Contrast Sensitivity

  • Depth Perception

All these skills can be improved through Sports Vision Training.

Improving Your Baseball Response Time

Making the right decision in a fraction of a second is that sets pro athletes apart. For example, understanding when to swing at a pitch, as well as catching and throwing the ball accurately, requires a finely honed level of depth-perception, reaction time, and eye-hand coordination. These are all skills that can be improved through Sports Vision Training.

Contrast Sensitivity Means Seeing the Baseball when it Counts the Most

Contrast sensitivity is your visual ability to accurately perceive an object against a background. In baseball, this could mean seeing the seams on a pitch when the baseball is covered in dirt, or seeing a fly-ball in the air in the bright sun. A professional level of contrast sensitivity can be developed with the right Sports Vision Training.

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