Eye Exams for Special Needs Patients

Eye Exams for Special Needs Patients

Eye Exams for Special Needs Patients

Eye Exams for Special Needs Patients

Personal Eye Care For The Special Needs Community

Serving Buckhead, Sandy Springs, and the Greater Atlanta Metro Area.

We cherish the special needs community and see it as our duty and privilege to provide eye exams, vision therapy, optical services, and comprehensive eye care in a style that provides for these amazing patients. Our convenient location in Buckhead enables us to provide care for special needs patients from all over the greater Atlanta area. In many cases, a special needs patient will require a specialized eye exam that is catered to their level of development and understands the associated eye health issues related to their condition.

​​​​​​​First, you should know a bit ABOUT EYE CARE FOR SPECIAL NEEDS PATIENTS

Vision Therapy

Many special needs patients have associated vision related issues such as eye teaming and focusing that requires a specialized vision therapy program.

We Serve

Serving the greater Atlanta community, our practice is passionate about providing eye exams and eye care for patients that need a little extra understanding and love.

We Provide

We provide a warm and unique approach to both children and adults with developmental disabilities. Our office strives to make every patient's experience a friendly and fun experience no matter who they are.


Patients with Autism have as much as a 40% chance of having Strabismus, or crossed eyes. Strabismus is a condition that is treated effectively using Vision Therapy, which can be compared to physical therapy in that it works at pace with the patient. Furthermore many Autistic patients will have irregular vision related behavior such as inability to hold a gaze or lack of eye contact. It is important to have an eye exam with an eye doctor that is familiar with the unique behavior of a patient with Autism.

Learning Disabilities and Adhd

There is emerging research indicating that in many cases children are misdiagnosed with behavioral or learning disabilities when in reality their behavior can be explained by issues with vision which cause them to lose focus, act out, and have trouble processing different types of information. Furthermore the rates of children with ADHD that have certain types of vision issues is much larger than the population at large. Vision Therapy has been shown to be very effective with children who have Learning issues or ADHD.

Down Syndrome

Patients with Down Syndrome overwhelmingly require eye care, with 70% requiring glasses and 45% with Strabismus. Furthermore there are a variety of ocular diseases associated with Down Syndrome patients such as tear duct abnormalities that can lead to severe discomfort, keratoconus (misshaped cornea) and congenital cataracts. A patient with down syndrome will also require specialized glasses made for their unique facial features.

Read more about Autism and Downs Patients.

Cerebral Palsy

Patients with Cerebral Palsy will most likely have visual conditions that require correction with glasses and in many cases Vision Therapy. Recent research on Vision Therapy for Cerebral Palsy is showing that it is extremely effective: Link 1 Link 2. Many patients with Cerebral Palsy will have Strabismus or crossed eyes, this is most effectively treated with a Vision Therapy program that is personalized to the patient.

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