Shaw Lenses

Shaw Lenses

Shaw Lenses

Shaw Lenses

We are proud to offer the Shaw Lenses. Traditional lenses correct each eyes vision and then combine the image, while Shaw lenses correct for the final result of both eyes working together.

What are Shaw Lenses?

Shaw lenses are different then regular glasses. They offer more comfort, better vision, and an improved method for vision therapy and Amblyopia.

Unlike traditional glasses which correct each eye individually and then combine the image, Shaw lenses correct the combined vision from both eyes. This prevents a lot of the strain, headaches and fatigue that come from correcting vision in a way that does not have negative side effects.

What are Shaw Lenses For?

Shaw Lenses are designed to provide vision correction for the sum of both eyes together by equalizing retinal image sizes.

  • Anisometropia- Where both eyes have different perscriptions

  • Amblyopia or Lazy Eye without patching

  • Ideal for new glasses wearers

  • For patients with strabismus

  • For patients post operation (lasik, cataract, retinal detachment)

Whats so great about Amblyopia/Lazy Eye Treatment Without Patching?

Amblyopia treatment is most effective when practices diligently at the youngest possible age. The common approach to Amblyopia treatment was to patch the stronger eye, forcing the other eye to learn to compensate. Because of the emotional and visual difficulties with patching, vision therapy doctors and parents found it very difficult to get kids committed to wearing their patches. With Shaw Lenses, young patients have no problem wearing them because of the comfort and improved vision that is experienced.

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How Do Shaw Lenses Work?

shaw lenses

Is Sports Vision Therapy for amateur or professional athletes? Does it help athletes with perfect vision?

We assume that if we do not need glasses or contact lenses our vision is perfect. And while we may recognize the important role vision has in athletic success, we think “our vision is great”. The reality is that we all have elements of our visual system that can use improvement. A person with 2020 may still need to improve in their ability to track a fast moving object or to improve spatial recognition. The other thing many people assume is that sports vision therapy is only for professional athletes. While it is true that professional athletes do a lot of vision therapy, there is much to gain for all levels of competitions. The ability to play better improves the athletes self confidence and acceptance, and shows the true potential of the athlete.

What You Need To Know About Amblyopia/Lazy Eye

  • Amblyopia/Lazy Eye is caused by the brain and not a problem with the eye.

  • Amblyopia/Lazy Eye effects 3-5% of all school children

  • Amblyopia/Lazy Eye is best treated as young as possible, there is a debate if anything can be done after the age of 8 or 9.

  • Because the symptoms are so similar (focus, difficulty reading, difficulty concentrating, many kids with Amblyopia are misdiagnosed as having ADHD.

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