Vision Therapy and Helping People Suffering From Learning Disabilities

Vision Therapy and Helping People Suffering From Learning DisabilitiesAt Family Eye Care Center of Atlanta, our core values are all surrounded around helping individuals with visual impairments. One of the most important duties that we have is helping individuals that suffer from learning disabilities. Continue reading to review some details and advice that we like to share with all of our patients.

We believe that it is our duty to always make sure you are provided with the best services, solutions, and information possible. We take great pride in knowing that our team is composed of highly skilled and trained professionals that genuinely want to help our patients on a daily basis.

What are learning disabilities?

Learning disabilities are considered conditions that include difficulties in acquiring skills and knowledge to the specific base level that is expected of a person (typically based on age). On average learning disabilities are usually recognized and diagnosed at a young age. However, there are some adults with special needs that also experience learning disabilities as well.

How do they tie into vision?

Vision therapy and learning disabilities tie together because they both utilize and need the same functions in order to perform/operate at their optimum level. An individual’s vision is connected to their brain, which processes everything that they see in order to learn what is being shown in front of them. The base correlation of comprehending, retaining, and repeating (when necessary) information is vital to learning.

When individuals want to understand how the two tie together, it is because they both need each other. When an individual has a vision impairment, then they will also end up having a problem with learning. The situation becomes worse with those that have learning disabilities.

How can vision therapy help children suffering from learning disabilities?

On a daily basis parents that inquire about our services for their kids ask a variety of questions. One question, in particular, is how can vision therapy help their child that is suffering from learning disabilities. This is a question that we enjoy answering and when the parents understand how it helps, they become more comfortable with the program.

Vision therapy helps children suffering from learning disabilities by assisting them early on in the stage to overcome the complaints that they currently have. Thanks to our amazing team, over time children become accustomed to consistently developing and progressing.

Would you like more information from our team?

When it comes to communication, we believe in making sure that our clients are well aware of every detail from beginning to end. It is of the utmost importance that when you are prepared to inquire about our services you understand the options that you have available.

If you would like to set up a consultation to assist your child with vision therapy and his or her learning disabilities, feel free to call our location at (404) 549-9999. If you would like to contact our team via e-mail, feel free to visit our website, and our contact page contains a short form that you can complete and send to us.

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